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PAL Hawks Football


Sponsored by Touchdown Club of Annapolis

Touchdown Club of Annapolis

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The Touchdown Club of Annapolis is a dedicated group of community leaders that:

  • Support local youth, high school, and collegiate football and lacrosse programs
  • Recognize and award outstanding athletic performance on the youth, scholastic, and collegiate level
  • Provide financial assistance on a selective basis to community athletic programs in need
Sponsored by D'Camera Group

D'Camera Group

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The D’Camera Group combines 75 years of insurance industry experience with an innovative approach to your insurance needs. We partner with businesses, creating long range plans to manage the Total Cost of Risk.

Sponsored by HeadFirst


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HeadFirst Sports Injury and Concussion Care provides post-injury medical evaluation for patients of all ages who have suffered head injuries and mTBI.


Sponsored by K&B True Value

K&B True Value

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K&B True Value is a family-owned neighborhood hardware store with a wide variety of products and is known for its low prices, excellent customer service, and environmentally-friendly products.